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Therapy for your tattoo

1. Remove your bandage as soon as you get home and wash residue from your tattoo with mild soap and cool water...pat dry.

2. Air it out for about an hour then apply a thin coat of Bag Balm or body lotion. Apply lotion one to two times daily or as often as needed to keep your tattoo soft. Always wash your tattoo several times a day while it is healing.

3. If your tattoo seeps or has discharge, wash and apply more lotion. 

The main things to remember in caring for your tattoo are to keep it clean, open to the air and soft with a small amount of lotion. The finished product depends on how well you take CARE of it while it heals... do you CARE?


  • ​DO NOT use alcohol or peroxide on your tattoo.

  • DO NOT use any medicated products (Neosporin, A&D, etc.).

  • DO NOT pick at or scratch your tattoo.

  • DO NOT sunbathe or go swimming while your tattoo is healing.

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